What came first…The Selfie, or The Snapchat?


I’ll tell you what came first; Narcissus, and the pool of his own reflection that killed him! It’s all relative, let me tell ya.

I rarely refer to Greek mythology when backing up my stubborn theories with philosophical substance. However, the tragedy of Narcissus is too fitting to remain unreferenced.

The SELFIE, in my opinion, derived from the hashtag, most of the time followed by something along the lines of #dontbejel #gym #cheeky or some other cringeworthy bangwagon label.

I guess a SELFIE can be deeper described as; a development of the ‘cheeky pic’ of you and your wingwoman wingman mate, (the originally more modest excuse to look at and show the world yet again another picture of yourself.) In time, that mate has somehow dropped out of the frame making that exact ‘cheeky pic’ a SELFIE.

If we think back to those pics with your mates, they have been around since the disposable camera era, meaning many years before Apps, let alone, SNAPCHAT and INSTAGRAM were even invented. So is the SELFIE the egg? Or chicken? Which came first again?

Either way it could be deemed; no less dissimilar to the ill-fated life of Narcissus.

You are Narcissus and the camera is the pool.

Now, the extremities are that Narcissus died, he could not deter himself away from his reflection, he therefore died in that exact spot. The similarities to the SELF-EE (play on the words Selfie and employee. Get it?) are that the self-obsessive and narcissistic energy of the SELFIE deters us from the element of actually living life, for we become too obsessed with cataloguing our every move as opposed to actually enjoying it. Therefore, like Narcissus, however massive the extremities, in one way or another we are wasting life.PFA62255

I could really go on in an eternal rant and delve into the deep psychological effects of the SELFIE, so for now let’s suggest the narcissistic nature of the SELFIE, the suggested time-scale of its existence, and the potentially negative developments.

The SNAPCHAT, I guess could be more indicative and explanatory of the subject for they have different uses for this narcy-app (narcissistic app).

I, for many months of eves-dropping, have come to the assumption that SNAPCHAT is solely for promiscuous use. Surely, the idea of seeing a picture for limited seconds welcomes the parade of genitalia? Oh but I have been hastily put in my place, by my SELFIE sisters, (aka friends I fear I have less in common with by the second), that SNAPCHAT is “funny and for your friends.”

So, taking pictures of myself and sending them to my friends is fun and funny? I wonder if I printed off pictures of myself and handed them out like flyers to my friends would they appreciate the same humour? Or would that impact them in the same way their SELFIES and SNAPCHATS do me?


After much shallow debate and dabbling consideration, the SELFIE is taking pictures of yourself, openly and without shame, yet the SNAPCHAT is taking pictures of yourself and ACTIVELY sending them to friends? I am baffled as to what is less pure, raging narcissism!

After questioning what came first, I am (in the words of The Valleys cast) tamping, fuming, ragingly led down a completely different path to wonder, what is more narcissistic? Finally, In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “I couldn’t help but wonder…” are we questioning what came first or better yet what is worse?

When it comes to SELFIES and SNAPCHATS, forget Susan; I am ‘Desperately Seeking’…Solace!


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